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[摘要][photo/guggenheim museum]>gold toilet for visitors丘吉尔故居安装金马桶blenheim palace, winston churchill's birthplace, has reportedly installed a £1 million 18-carat gold toilet for visitors - but there will be

南康人才网_每日新闻播报(August 22)

南康人才网,former us president barack obama addresses a town hall of young leaders from across europe at an obama foundation event in berlin, germany april 6, 2019. [photo/reuters]

>obamas' first film released


"american factory", the first film released by barack and michelle obama's production company higher ground, will land on us streaming giant netflix on wednesday. 当地时间21日,奥巴马夫妇旗下高地制片公司发行的首部电影《美国工厂》将在美国流媒体巨头网飞上线。

directed by oscar-nominated directors steven bognar and julia reichert, the documentary premiered at this year's sundance film festival. 这部纪录片由获得奥斯卡奖提名的导演史蒂文·伯格纳和朱莉娅·莱切特执导,曾在今年的圣丹斯国际电影节上首映。

the film illustrates what happened when a chinese company called fuyao factory rescued an abandoned general motors plant, focusing on life and feelings of people involved in the chinese-owned factory in post-industrial ohio. 这部纪录片讲述了在后工业时代的俄亥俄州,一家名为福耀的工厂拯救一家废弃的通用汽车工厂的故事。该片聚焦于这家中国老板经营的工厂里人们的生活和情感。

following the camera, the primary fumbling of two cultures trying to get to know each other seemed charming, but cultural differences soon kicked in on the factory floor as chinese and american workers both chafed under profit-related pressure from the top, with varying reactions.跟随镜头,两种文化试图相互了解而进行的初步摸索看起来魅力十足,但文化差异很快产生,中美两国工人在管理层的盈利压力下产生摩擦,两国工人反应各不相同。

[photo/guggenheim museum]

>gold toilet for visitors


blenheim palace, winston churchill's birthplace, has reportedly installed a £1 million 18-carat gold toilet for visitors - but there will be a time limit for its use. 据报道,丘吉尔故居布伦海姆宫安装了一个价值100万英镑的18k的黄金马桶,供游客如厕时使用,但使用时长有限制。

people will have to respect the three minute rule, imposed to reduce queuing times, when it goes on display at the stately home in september. 黄金马桶9月将在这个庄园里展出,为减少排队时间,人们必须遵守三分钟的限时使用规定。

and visitors will have to book their time slot for the fully functioning loo in advance. 想体验这个功能完备的马桶的游客还须提前预约如厕时间。

there will be 20 slots an hour for people who have bought a £27 ticket for the palace, park and gardens in oxfordshire. 布伦海姆宫位于牛津郡,其宫殿加上公园及花园的联票价格是27英镑,购票游客可预约一小时中的20个时段。

the flushable toilet was created by italian artist maurizio cattelan.这款黄金抽水马桶由意大利艺术家莫瑞吉奥·卡特兰设计。


>devices steal childhood


children in rural areas spend more time gazing at handset and computer screens than their peers in cities, according to a study by the china national children's center. 中国儿童中心进行的一项研究发现,农村儿童看手机和电脑屏幕的时间多于城市儿童。

sun hongyan, director of the childhood research institute at the china youth and children research center, said the internet and electronic devices used to be luxuries for rural children. but the increasing affordability of smartphones made it easier for migrant worker parents to provide electronic devices to children left behind in their hometowns.中国青少年研究中心少年儿童研究所所长孙宏艳称,对农村儿童来说,互联网及电子设备曾属于奢侈品,但人们对智能手机负担能力的不断提升,使得农民工家长更容易为留守在家乡的子女购买电子设备。

"it's been getting harder for parents to monitor a lot of what their kids are seeing and doing, especially when they are not around," sun said. "so they're relying on the safety benefit of being able to keep the kids at home with a device." 孙宏艳表示,家长越来越难对子女阅读的内容及其所作所为进行监督,尤其当他们不在孩子身边的时候。因此他们会依赖通过某种设备使孩子待在家中的安全效益。

the study found that after the school day ends, youngsters nationwide now spend more time in front of mobile and computer screens playing games and chatting - over 43 minutes a day - than they do reading. this was having a negative effect on their developing social skills, as well as vision.研究发现,如今,中国儿童每天放学后通过手机和电脑玩游戏或聊天的时长超过43分钟,多于其用于阅读的时长,这对儿童社交能力的培养以及视力均会产生负面影响。

britain's prime minister boris johnson looks on during a news conference with german chancellor angela merkel (not pictured) at the chancellery in berlin, germany, august 21, 2019. [photo/reuters]

>uk to boycott eu meetings


british ministers and officials will boycott most european union (eu) meetings starting sept 1, the british government announced tuesday. 英国政府20日宣布,自9月1日起,该国大臣和官员将拒绝参加欧盟大部分会议。

the announcement came in the latest brexit development as british prime minister boris johnson faces fresh warnings over a hard border between the republic of ireland and the uk's northern ireland. 上述公告是英国脱欧的最新进展,英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊正面临爱尔兰和英国北爱兰间硬边界发出的最新警告。

british ministers will only attend big summits and those covering essential interests, like security. 英国大臣将只参加大型峰会以及涉及安全等根本利益的会议,其余会议将予以忽略。

the rest will be ignored, sending a clear message that britain is serious about leaving the regional group at the end of october. 此举就英国对10月底退出欧盟一事持认真态度发出了明确的信号。

they will use the "incredible amount of time" saved to focus on future relationships with the eu and other countries, including trade deals.英国将利用节省出来的"大把时间"专注于研究与欧盟和其他国家未来的关系以及贸易协议。

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